Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

Santhom and Amala Hostels

One of the star attractions of Amal Jyothi is the excellent hostel facility. The two campus hostels, Santhom for gents and Amala for ladies, are taken care of by dedicated Catholic Priests and Nuns. There is telephonic access to all rooms but mobile phone is banned as it is in the College. Affectionate discipline, tasty food at moderate rates and neat rooms with modern sanitation and professional laundry services are the hallmarks of the Amal Jyothi hostels.

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Joining Dates

Hostel Admissions on 10 am to 12.30 pm 2 pm to 4 pm


Those who get admission in college only need apply

Santhom Hostel Application (Gents Hostel) (3 Pages)

Amala Hostel Application (Ladies Hostel) (3 Pages)

Submit the application along with bank mandate to the concerned Hostel office (Not to the Bank)


1. On the day of admission to either of the hostels, filled application form should be submitted along with the fee receipt from college office and the EPay application (Admission number can be filled by the inmate later).

2. Federal Bank or South Indian Bank Account is mandatory for all hostel inmates. Epay Facility is used to pay the Hostel Bills. Either student or parent should open an account (Federal Bank or South Indian Bank) at their native place (or branch near one’s home), so that parents can deposit money in that account and students can use ATM card facility in college. Already existing federal bank or south Indian account can be used for the same.


  • Campus hostels for gents and ladies accommodating 2250 students
  • Managed by dedicated Catholic priests and sisters
  • Tasty and nutritive cuisine at moderate rates
  • Centralized mechanised kitchen
  • Cozy single, double, tripple and four-bed rooms
  • Clean and modernized sanitation
  • Telephonic access to all rooms
  • WiFi Connectivity inside the hostel
  • Newspapers on all rooms
  • Professional laundry service.
  • Karate training center inside hostel.
  • Campus Hospital

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Santhom Gents Hostel

Rev. Fr. Dominic Karikkattil, Director, II Year-In-Charge (Mble: +91 9961377070)
Rev. Fr. Kottoor Antony, Asst. Director, IV Year-In-Charge (Mble: +91 9497202584)
Rev. Fr. Chirackal Varghese, Asst. Director, III Year-In-Charge (Mble: +91 8281861971)
Rev. Fr. Nedumthakidiyel Roy, Asst. Director, I Year-In-Charge (Mble: +91 8281283844)
Rev. Fr. Rubin Thottupuram, Asst. Director, PG-In-Charge (Mble: +91 9447290939)

Mr. Shibu Jacob, Hostel Assistant (Mble: +91 9495705672)

Amala Ladies Hostel

Rev. Sr. Roshni HC, Animator (Mble: +91 9446184441)
Rev. Sr. Theresilda HC, Animator (Mble: +91 9495194639)

Fee Structure

Payments during hostel admission in College Office Hostel Office
B Tech First Year Boys 19000 16200
B Tech First Year Girls 19000 16300

Monthly Payment – Hostel Mess Fee of 3500 ~ 3600 INR including establishment charges based on the dividing system.

Unexpected price hike for external commodities will reflect in hostel mess fee.


Payment During Hostel Admission

Hostel Rent in College office – INR 15,500  + Caution Rs 3000 + admission fee Rs 500, Total = Rs 19000/-  (For B Tech First years)

Hostel Rent in College office – INR 23,500 (For M Tech and MCA First year (Amala Hostel) – GIRLS)

Hostel Rent in College office – INR 23,500 (For M Tech and MCA First year (Santhom Hostel)- BOYS)


In hostel office

Refundable Mess Fee advance INR 4000

News paper charges INR 700 per year (For B Tech First years)

News paper charges INR 900 per year (For M Tech and MCA)

Bed & Pillow : Bucket & Mug : Broom, dust bin, dust pan, land phone and Laundry bag are bundled with your allotted room. you shall not bring these items. INR 4000 should be paid in hostel office towards this.

Laundry Fee per Year

Laundry Fee for Boys INR 7500 and for girls INR 7600 should be paid in hostel office – (Uniform 3 pairs can be given 4 times per month,Bed sheet + Pillow 2 pairs can be given 2 times per month,Night dress 2 pairs can be given 4 times per month,Bath towel can be given 4 times per month)

Total : INR 16200 in hostel office (For B Tech First year Boys)

Total : INR 16300 in hostel office (For B Tech First year Girls)


EPAY is an Auto pay solution wherein the Federal Bank / South Indian Bank savings account of the student/parent gets debited with the fee amount, 10 days prior to the due dates and credited to the college account.

EPAY will be executed round the year and hence in case of insufficient balance in the EPAY registered account, it will be re-attempted the next day. It supports late fee collection.

The procedure to be followed for EPAY mode is given below.

  • Student/parents, should have savings/current accounts with Federal Bank / South Indian Bank for EPAY mode of fee collection.
  • Duly filled in and signed application form by the account holder, from the students who wish to avail EPAY facility for fee remittance, and submit it to the hostel office.
  • The fee collection will commence 10 days prior to the due dates and the due amount as on date will be collected, provided there is sufficient balance in the account.


Bed & Pillow : Bucket & Mug : Broom, dust bin, dust pan, land phone and Laundry bag are bundled with your allotted room. you shall not bring these items. INR 4000 should be paid in hostel office towards this.

List of items to be brought by Hostelers

Sl. Description Qty Remarks
1 Bed sheet 3 Nos
2 Toilet Soap & Soap Dish
3 Bathing Towel 2 No
4 Dress As required
5 Sports Dress As required
6 Umbrella
7 Washing Soap / powder
8 Nail cutter, Comp
9 Medicine Box
10 Mosquito Repellents
11 Alarm Clock
12 Tooth brush, paste
13 College bag
14 Lock with 4 keys
15 Iron box Optional
16 Table lamp Optional
17 Table cover Plastic

Sharing is good, but strictly avoid sharing of toilet articles and dress.

Home Away From Home

For Admissions Contact


Santhom: +91 9961377070
Amala: +91 9446184441