Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

Career Enhancement Cell

CEC gives the necessary inputs,information and knowledge about the choices, for furthering students’ career aspirations. We will work as a team throughout the year so that the students are able to make informed decisions in terms of their career.

CEC Office Bearers


  1. Shri Abraham Kurien IPS
  2. Dr. Z V Lakaparampil

Advisory Board

  1. Dr Jacob Philip
  2. Prof V I Cherian
  3. Dr VJ Sebastian
  4. Prof Joy Cyriac
  5. Mr Thomas Paul

Chief Mentor

  1. Fr Rubin Thottupuram

Chief Coordinator

  1. Ms Shamini James

Program Coordinator

  1. Fr Roy Nedumthakidiyel

Liaison Coordinators

  1. Mr Rony Tom
  2. Zac Mathew

Department Coordinators

  1. Mr Jerin Joji   (AUE)
  2. Mr KJ Mathew (AUE)
  3. Mr Nirmal George(CE)
  4. Ms Margret Sherin James(CE)
  5. Ms Nikhi Maria Raju (CH)
  6. Ms Surya Sathyan (CH)
  7. Ms Neethu C Shekar (CSE)
  8. Ms Shany Joffin(CSE)
  9. Ms Anitta Jose (CE)
  10. Mr NobinThomas(DBS)
  11. Ms Jasmine Mathew(DBS)
  12. Mr Binoshi Samvel (ECE)
  13. Mr Mathew George (ECE)
  14. Mr Bobin K Mathew (EEE)
  15. Ms Dona Sebastian (EEE)
  16. Mr Jose Dominic Joseph (HUM)
  17. Ms S Sangeetha (HUM)
  18. Ms Yelana Thomas (HUM)
  19. Ms Alphin Abraham (IT)
  20. Ms Saumya Sadanandan (IT)
  21. Mr Meby Mathew (ME)
  22. Mr Abu Mani (ME)
  23. Mr Ashwin Chandi Alex (ME)
  24. Mr Sherin Thampi (ME)
  25. Ms Dilu Maria (CA)
  26. Ms Anit James (CA)
  27. Mr Mebin T Kuruvilla (MT)
  28. Manu Harilal (MT)
  29. Mr Sebastian C Parackal
  30. Sr Molly Joseph
  31. Dr Jince Kappan

Aims and Objectives

  • Help students to make informed Choices
  • Overall development of students
  • Improving employability skills to Meet rising employer expectations
  • Developing “work culture”
  • Cultivate preference for significant public sector jobs over private sector there by converting them into assets of nation
  • Right man for the Right job ( Right job for everyone), matching jobs with skills and vice versa
  • Satisfying career for the youth: to help them select a career that suits their aptitude the best
  • Social upliftment through enlightened choices
  • Careers that suit aptitude and skill that create the right attitude


  • Informed, oriented student base with commitment, discipline and ethical values
  • Effective representation of our talented students in the wide spectrum of professions and services ( Both in the Public and Private Sector)
  • Entrepreneurial skills for students
  • Better Placements
  • Good rapport with Companies : Collaborations with them, tailored training for companies,
  • Helps our students to attain their full potential
  • Positive image and reputation for the College in the long run
  • A better exposure to the faculty
  • Helps students to have edge in Competitions
  • Enhances breadth of Knowledge and understanding
  • Helps students to have correct Career Choices including startups and Public Sector Undertakings
  • Helps them to attain job security
  • Moral Foundation
  • Opens up a Wide range of career options of students


  1. Identification of Career Opportunities and informing the students about available opportunities
  2. Motivating them to make use of the available opportunities and providing them with tailor-made training programmes
  3. Follow up and reporting of students’ performance