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Technology training that sets you apart

Red Hat® Academy turns academic institutions into centers for enterprise-ready talent by outfitting them with Red Hat Training. This comes in the form of hands-on instruction, curriculum, labs, performance-based testing, and instructor support. The Red Hat Academy curriculum is offered across Red Hat’s most in-demand platform, middleware, and cloud technologies. Red Hat® certifications are different from other IT certifications. To earn a Red Hat certification, one must pass a hands-on, practical exam in which you complete real-world tasks using Red Hat technologies rather than just being asked questions about the technology. Red Hat certification program gives employers a way to find and develop qualified professionals and allows technical professionals to prove their skills and build their careers.

Certifications offered


Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) is considered to be the “basic” Red Hat certification. It is appropriate for system administrators as well as professionals in a variety of related roles, including database administrators, developers, and support technicians. RHCSA certification can be earned by passing a hands-on, lab-based exam that covers the core system administration skills of  Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments require.

Exam EX200: RHCSA on RHEL 7 Consists of Two Modules:

RH124 – Red Hat System Administration I(SA I)

RH134 – Red Hat System Administration II (SA II)

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Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) known as “crown jewel of Linux certifications” proves the eligibility of candidates on live systems. RHCE certification proves your ability to configure networking services and security on servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RHCE is a mid-level certification for administrators who support Linux as a primary server platform in their environment.

Exams EX200 & EX300: RHCE on RHEL7 Consists of Three Modules:

RH124 – Red Hat System Administration I(SA I)

RH134 – Red Hat System Administration II (SA II)

RH254 – Red Hat System Administration III (SA III)

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The World’s Youngest Red Hat Certified Architects are in Amal Jyothi now

Rajat Jaic Mendus

Rajat Jaic Mendus the wonder boy who became Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) at the age of 11, Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) at the age of 13 and Red Hat Certified Visualization Administrator (RHCVA) at the age of 18, has actualized the rare  honor of Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) at the age of 18. The young tech enthusiast is currently graduating in Computer Science and Engineering at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirapally and is determined to scale greater heights in cloud and allied verticals. Here is Rajat Jaic Mendus revealing his rich and exciting experiences on his way to RHCA.

Bobby Issac

Bobby Issac a young tech savvy, could achieve RHCE at the age of 15 and RHCVA at the age of 15 and is now RHCA at the age of 18. The young guy is doing his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirapally and is looking forward to fix a career in cloud computing. Watch Bobby Issac cherishing his memories on RHCA track.

Red Hat Certification FAQs

1. What is the purpose of Red Hat’s certification program?

Red Hat certification program validates people’s technical skills and knowledge. Organizations hiring employees, contractors, and consultants can look to Red Hat certifications as an input into hiring, assignment, promotion, and other management decisions. Similarly, individuals who earn these certifications benefit by having official, impartial validation of their skills and knowledge.

2. What is meant by “performance-based” testing?
Performance-based testing is testing by doing that is, by having examinees perform real-world tasks similar to those they must perform in a job role. Performance-based testing is also called hands-on or practical testing. All Red Hat certification exams are performance-based tests, and Red Hat is the industry leader in IT performance-based testing.

3. What is the difference between an RHCSA and an RHCE?

RHCSA is intended as the “core” system administration certification offered by Red Hat. From the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, everyone who wishes to earn a system administration certification from Red Hat will begin by earning this credential. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) represents deeper skills and knowledge in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In order to earn RHCE under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and after, one must earn RHCSA and pass a separate RHCE exam.

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Benefits under Red Hat® Academy
  • Comprehensive web-based textbooks
  • A flexible program that meets the needs of the university and students
  • Integrated tests and quizzes
  • Robust lab environment
  • Student management utilities
  • Instructor enablement materials
  • Certification exam discounts
  • Access to platforms that connect you to Red Hat communities and employment connections.

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