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Course Course Code Duration
B.Tech in Metallurgy MT 4 Years

B.Tech in Metallurgy is a 4-year undergraduate course in engineering. This unique stream in engineering helps students gain technical knowledge in diverse aspects of Physical Metallurgy, Extractive Metallurgy and Mechanical Metallurgy. The manufacture, design, production and testing of the metals and alloys and their deformation and failure mechanisms are the main contents of the course curriculum. Information is provided also through material characterization and its structure – property relationship.  On completion of the course, the student gains relevant skills to get in to a rewarding career in industrial, academic or government sector.  The three main branches of metallurgy are Extractive Metallurgy (involves extracting metal from its ore), Physical Metallurgy (deals with solving problems of material selection, developing the sorts of metallic alloys needed for different types of manufacturing and construction work) and Mechanical Metallurgy (involves gathering information on mechanical properties and various types of material deformation and failure mechanisms). Metallurgy also encompasses study of exotic materials in pure and alloy form having numerous applications in various industries viz: Nuclear, Aerospace, Cryogenic, Petrochemical, Marine, Defense, Electronics etc. It is one of the important and emerging branches of engineering with extensive applications demanding high performance materials for extreme temperature, fatigue and creep resistance, strength to weight ratio etc.

History of Metallurgy

Began during the 2nd millennium BC and continued well into the British Raj. Metals and related concepts were mentioned in various early Vedic age texts.


Modern Metallurgy

Metallurgy is the science and technology of extracting metals from their ores and putting them to the use of mankind by compounding them into alloys and creating useful objects out of them.


Job opportunities

Public Sector / Govt. Companies / Research Organisations / Educational Institutions in India


Department Info


Head of the Department: Dr K G Samuel, M.Tech, Ph D
Area of specilization: Mechanical Metallurgy
Contact – Ph. No.: + 91 4828 305624, + 91 98957 36781
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Department Location Divisional Block C – (Automobile Block)
Year of Establishment B.Tech in Metallurgy – 2012
Total number of Classrooms  4
Total number of Laboratories  6