Amal Jyothi College of Engineering


Course Information


  • This course is meant for the students who want to become a professional welder specializing in arc welding process.
  • This course is structured for having the basic skill in oxy-acetylene flame and arc welding.
  • Skills in TIG / MIG Welding will be offered to the students who are conversant in SMAW.

Terminal Competencies/Deliverables:

After successful completion of this course the trainee shall be able to perform the following skills with proper sequence.

  1. Straight, Bevel & Circular cutting on MS plate by Oxy-Acetylene cutting process
  2. Joining of MS sheets using Oxy-Acetylene welding
  3. Setup and Weld Lap, “T”, corner and butt joint on mild steel, stainless steel and Aluminium by SMAW process
  4. Welding of M.S. Plate in all position by SMAW process.
  5. Welding of Tubes by SMAW process
  6. Welding using MIG process
  7. Welding using TIG process
  8. Repair & Maintenance works

Employment opportunities:

On successful completion of this course, the candidates shall gain adequate knowledge to be fully employed in the following industries:

  1. Structural fabrication like Bridges, Roof structures, Building & Construction.
  2. Infrastructure, Automobile, Railways and allied industries
  3. On site construction activities for Power Stations, Petrochemical Industries (ONGC, IOCL, HPCL etc), Mining industries etc
  4. Ship building and repair
  5. In public sector industries like BHEL, BEML, NTPC, DAE, ISRO etc
  6. Private industries in India and abroad.
  7. Self employment


Course 1

Course #1: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) – Structural and Pipe 6G positions

Duration:  16 weeks

Pre-requsite: A pass in 10th.
Certification: Welder SMAW
Suggested Course fee (Boys: Rs 21,000/-, Girls Rs 19,000/-)

Initially Oxy-Acetylene cutting of mild steel in a safe and efficient manner will be perfected. This program is designed to develop skilled welders with theory based knowledge and practical training for using proper techniques for the SMAW process for various welding geometries and positions. At the conclusion of this course trainees will be able to produce defect free welds and demonstrate new and/or improved skills using the SMAW in various positions. The students will be trained for pipe welder qualification & certification as per ASME. This is essential before any welder can be permitted to weld pressure vessel/piping jobs. A student successfully completing this course will be capable of welding pipe using the SMAW process in the 6G position. Students will be able to take the ASME/AWS 6G pipe certification after completing this course.

Course content

  1. Basics of Oxy-Acetylene flame
  2. Oxy-Acetylene flame adjustment for cutting and welding
  3. Safety precautions in handling oxygen and acetylene
  4. Introduction to principles of SMAW
  5. Safety precautions during welding
  6. Welding symbols
  7. Welding power source
  8. Types of joints and their preparation
  9. Welding electrode and their selection
  10. Welding techniques
  11. Defects in welding – causes and remedies
  12. Inspection and testing of weldments
  13. Economics of welding
Course 2

Course #2: Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding / Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG)

 Duration:  16 weeks

Pre-requsite: Knowledge of SMAW
Certification: Welder MIG/TIG
Suggested Course fee: (Boys Rs 21,000/- Girls Rs 19,000/-)

The course has been designed for those who intend to acquire welding proficiency in Metal Inert Gas Arc Welding (MIG) and TIG welding process. The course aims to provide (a) the basic principles and operation of AC-DC transformer type welding machines, (b) fundamentals of MIG / TIG welding process (c), influence of heat ranges, polarities, and the use of wire electrodes and shielding gases. Eessential skills in welding of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys in flat, horizontal, and vertical positions will be provided so as to cope with the demand of industrial sector. Safety in welding and the use of tools and equipments will be emphasized throughout the course.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to principles of MIG welding
  2. Familiarization of GTAW/TIG process
  3. Safety precautions during welding
  4. Welding symbols
  5. Welding tools, equipments, accessories and power sources used
  6. Handling of equipments
  7. Types of joints and their preparation
  8. Welding electrode and their selection
  9. Selection of tungsten electrode and shielding gases
  10. Selection of filler metal and their care
  11. Welding technique
  12. Pulsed TIG welding
  13. Weld inspection
  14. Process related defects and remedies
Course 3

Course #3: Advanced Welding Training Course

Pre-requite: Knowledge of SMAW, MIG and TIG welding
Duration: 8 weeks
Suggested Course fee: Rs 15,000/-

This program is designed for certified welders who are out of touch for a long time. This training program will be useful for them to refresh their skills and experience. This program will be mostly (75%) practical oriented using different arc welding processes on plates and pipes in all positions. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to pass trade test and obtain entry level jobs in construction of bridges, fabrication of structural components, pipeline welding and other job shop applications.


Items to be owned by students

The following items shall be owned by students (both boys and girls)

  1. Boiler suit (Colour to be decided)
  2. Safety shoes (leather)
  3. Aprons (leather preferred)
  4. Hand gloves (Leather and cotton)
  5. Spark lighter
  6. Stainless steel rule 300mm
  7. T- square 6”
  8. Scriber 150 mm double point
  9. Centre punch 9 mm x 127 mm
  10. Dividers 200 mm

Items available to the students @ KACWAC

No Name of the items
1 S.S Wire brush 5 rows and 3 rows
2 Arc welding single coloured glasses 108 mm x 82 mm x 3 mm.
3 Gas welding Goggles with Colour glass 3 or 4A DIN
4 Safety goggles plain
6 6” Grinding wheels
7 Welding helmet fiber
8 Welding hand shield fiber
9 Chipping hammer with metal handle 250 Grams
10 Chisel cold flat 19 mm x 150 mm
11 Flat Tongs 350mm long
12 Hack saw frame fixed 300 mm
13 File flat 350 mm
14 File half round bastard 300 mm
15 Weld simulator#


Facilities @ KACWAC

1 Welding booth with fume extractor 5 Nos
2 Classroom with LCD projector 1 No
3 Weld pad preparation room with pug cutting machine 1 No
4 KEMPPI Make IGBT Inverter Based Welding Rectifier  Model: Hi Arc S 400R 1 No
5 KEMPPI Make IGBT Inverter Based Welding Machine Model: MASTER-2500MLS. 1 No
6 KEMPPI Make IGBT Inverter Based Single phase TIG Welding Machine  Model: MINARC TIG EVO 200 MLP. 1 No
7 KEMPPI Make IGBT Inverter Based Welding Rectifier Model: Hi Arc S 400A 5 Nos
8  KEMPPI Make IGBT Inverter based MIG/ MAG Welding Machine Model: KEMPACT MIG-2530
9 KEMPPI Make IGBT Inverter based Multi Purpose MIG/MAG Welding Machine Model: Fast MIG X 450 with CC/CV Characteristics 1 No
10 Qualified (M.Tech – Welding) faculties and Instructors