Amal Jyothi College of Engineering


Amal Jyothi Scholars’ Community for Inspiring Innovation

ASCII is a community formed to foster a spirit of innovation and creative R&D activities among the students of AMAL JYOTHI. ASCII is conducting the Innovation Ideas Unleashed Competition every year from the year 2007 onwards.


The annual competition, popularly known as INNOVATION IDEAS UNLEASHED CONTEST ( I2U ) has been held each year from 2007 with the objective of identifying and providing financial support for innovative project ideas from students. Student teams consisting of 3-5 students under the guidance of a staff mentor submit their project proposals in a prescribed format. Inter disciplinary projects are encouraged and students from different departments or semesters may form project teams. After initial screening of the proposals by the relevant departments, an expert panel interviews the shortlisted project teams and recommends funding support from the college to the most promising and innovative ideas. Students are given 6 months to complete their projects.

The college was sanctioned an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India in 2009. Through IEDC funding support, each year from 2009, five of the best I2U projects were each given Rs. One lakh funding for their implementation. This was done for 5 years and a total of 25 projects have been supported so far. This funding includes remuneration of Rs. 10000 each to the project mentor and up to 3 student team members, as per IEDC norms and up to Rs. 60,000 towards product development. Currently IEDC funding is over, but the college continues to offer financial support to selected projects to the tune of Rs. 20,000 per project.



In 2015 ASCII introduced the 1st OPEN INNOVATION CHALLENGE (OIC) contest to further promote the innovative ideas of our staff and students. OIC is classified into two categories. Category 1 is an open challenge given to the students by the faculty/staff to compete and provide a solution within a time frame of one year. Category II is a self challenge by the students or faculty/staff to themselves and targets to develop a solution within a year time. Based on the final evaluation the best solutions will be considered for awards.