Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

Rules as per APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

RU-2 Attendance

Attendance is marked for each course in our online campus management system. While 75% attendance is mandatory for writing the end semester examination in that course, students are expected to have 100% attendance. However under unavoidable circumstances students are permitted to take leave. Leave is normally sanctioned for any approved activity taken up by students outside the college covering sports and other extracurricular activities. Leave is also permitted on medical grounds or on personal exigencies. Leave of absence for all these is limited to 25% of the academic contact hours for the course.
In case of long illness or major personal tragedies/contingencies the college Principal can relax the minimum attendance requirement to 60%, to write the end semester examination. This is permitted for one or more courses registered in the semester. Principal shall keep all records which led to his decision on attendance, for verification by the Academic Auditor. However this concession is applicable only to any two semesters during the entire programme. In case of prolonged illness, break of study is permitted as per RU-3.

Students and parents can verify attendance in our online AES system.

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RU-3 Break of Study

A student is permitted to have a break of study.
i)    In case of accident or serious illness needing prolonged hospitalization and rest.
ii)    In case the student has a bright idea and would like to initiate a start-up venture or develop a new product.
iii)    In case of any personal reasons that need a break in study.
For break of study due to illness, student should submit all necessary medical reports together with the recommendation of the doctor treating him giving definite reasons for break of study and its duration. Before joining back the student should submit the fitness certificate from the doctor who treated him.
Students who want to initiate a start-up venture or a product development, have to submit a project report, clearly indicating the purpose, action plan, technical details, funding details and future plans to the college Principal. The Principal shall evaluate the proposal by constituting an expert team consisting of a technocrat and a bank executive and take an appropriate decision based on the team’s recommendation. In the semester system followed by the University, break of study for an academic year is preferred over a semester break.
Students who want a break in study due to personal reasons shall convince the Principal on the genuine need for it by giving authentic evidence for the same.

RU-4 Leave of Absence

Students who want to take leave under RU2 have to submit a leave letter to the teacher conducting the course or to the class teacher in charge. This letter is to be forwarded to the Head of the Department with recommendation of the teacher indicating the total leave of absence the student has so far availed. Leave is to be sanctioned by the Head of the Department. For medical leave over three days, medical certificate indicating the need for leave is required. After any medical leave exceeding five instruction days, on rejoining, the student has to produce the fitness certificate given by the doctor.


B Tech Ordinance from KTU