Chemical Engineering (Accredited by NBA for 3 years until 2025)

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    Chemical Engineering

    The Department of Chemical Engineering started its meritorious journey in 2013, with the objective of moulding young minds with outstanding excellence in the field of Chemical Engineering and Technology. Equipped with a bunch of eminent faculty members, we have taken great effort to prepare our students to compete and contribute to the ever- changing world of technology. Apart from the focus on basic sciences and engineering subjects, we make sure that our students are good at problem -solving, analysing experiments and chemical process designing. In order to help the senior students in taking their studies a step further, we provide them accessibility to laboratory research projects, led by our faculty members, which often results in publications and presentations in national conferences. Right from the beginning, the department has emphasised on supporting and guiding students in making smarter career decisions by providing professional guidance and connecting them with prospective employers. Over the years, we have been able to produce young engineers who are well- suited to capitalize on emerging career opportunities, and now, we hope to produce more in the coming years.

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    Programmes offered

    Programme Code Duration
    B.Tech in Chemical Engineering CH 4 years
    M.Tech in Environmental Engineering EE 2 years
    B Voc in Water Sanitation and Waste Management WSW 3 years

    B. Voc in Water Sanitation and Waste Management

    Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) is an undergraduate program of three-year (six semesters) duration. The main advantage of pursuing BVoc program is that a candidate has multiple exit points such as diploma, advanced diploma and degree comprising three parts spread over three years. The yearly content of this program has two components namely the general education component (GEC) and skill development component. The GEC will emphasize and offer courses which provide holistic development. The skill development component will focus to equip students with appropriate knowledge, practice and aptitude so as to become work ready. The objective is to enable the students to learn the skill by engaging in on-the-job training at the real shop floor of the industry/company along with classroom theoretical training. Through this Earn while you Learn approach model, the trainee may also earn a modest stipend during on-the-job duration of the course. GEC provides fundamental and applied knowledge of Environmental Pollution, Pollution Management, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Microbiology, Instrumentation techniques, Environmental Laws and policies, Industrial Health and Safety, Wastewater management, Bioprocessing and utilization of agricultural waste, and Hazardous, radioactive and agricultural waste. This B.Voc program will ensure that the learners have adequate skills, making them work-ready and enhancing their employability. He/ She could also be an entrepreneur in his/her area of expertise. The requirements of various industries are incorporated in a flexible manner which develops holistic and well – groomed graduates thus meeting the emerging needs of the economy.

    Chemical engineers are placed in the following industries:

    • Petroleum industries
    • Petrochemical industries
    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Rubber and tyre industries
    • Chemicals manufacturing industries
    • Cement industries
    • Ceramic and glass industries
    • Textile industries
    • Nuclear power projects
    • Food industries
    • Sugar and starch industries
    • Fermentation industries
    • Soaps and detergent companies
    • Pulp and paper industries
    • Beverage industries
    • Polymer and plastic industries
    • Manmade fiber and film industries
    • Salt industries
    • Rare earth industries
    • Pesticide industries
    • Fertilizer industries
    • Vegetable oil industries
    • Iron and steel industries
    • Waste and water treatment companies
    • Propellant industries
    • Perfume industries
    • Pigments and dyes industries
    • Paint industries
    • Coal and coal products industries
    • Leather industries
    • Flavor industries
    • Computer components manufacturing companies
    • Spices extraction industries
    • Adhesives and gums industries
    • Aluminium and metal industries


    • Producing industry-ready engineers to resolve problems at small and large scales.
    • Opportunities to partner with industry and government-funded projects.
    • Free mentoring and skill development.
    • Training in Process Design Software
    • Participation in the Student Chapter of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE).
    • Providing practical education in leadership experiences outside the classroom.
    • Providing opportunities for Entrepreneurship and launching Start-ups.

    Department Info

    Head of the Department: Dr. Jayasree P.K
    Area of specilization: Environmental Engineering & Mass Transfer
    Contact – Ph. No. : +91 9947770972
    Email ID:

    Department Location Division Block C
    Year of Establishment B.Tech in Chemical Engineering — 2013
    Total number of Classrooms 6
    Total number of Laboratories 10

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      Room No.: DC 405,
      Department of Chemical Engineering,
      Divisional Block C,
      Amal Jyothi College of Engineering,
      Koovappally PO, Kanjirappally – 686518

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