Health and Wellness

The Department of Health and Wellness at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering is dedicated to enhancing the holistic well-being of our college community. Through a comprehensive range of services and initiatives, we support the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of both students and staff.

Services and Objectives:

1. Mental Wellbeing: Our services empower individuals by nurturing their mental strength, fostering academic excellence, and personal growth. Tailored counselling sessions enhance brain capabilities, boost memory, and promote creative thinking, enabling students to excel academically and in life.

2. Physical Wellbeing: We promote physical activity, team building, and recreation through sports events, personalized training sessions, and expert guidance from fitness experts, coaches, and athletes. Our gymnasium offers exercise equipment and training for improved physical fitness.

3. Medical Care: The dedicated healthcare faculty provides immediate attention for minor injuries and illnesses, ensuring the well-being and safety of every member of the college community. This facility operates seamlessly within the framework of holistic health and wellness services, allowing individuals to pursue their goals confidently.

4. Parent and Family Support: We provide valuable resources, engaging workshops, and counselling to support families, fostering strong connections and overall well-being. Strong family bonds contribute to a better work environment and increased productivity, enhancing the academic and personal growth of our community.

5. Spiritual Well-Being: Facilities for retreats, confession, and spiritual sharing sessions promote personal growth and fulfilment. We support the spiritual well-being of our community, recognizing its significance in enhancing overall quality of life.

6. Staff Training: We prioritize the development and well-being of our support staff, empowering them with efficient organizational practices, effective time management, customer service excellence, and best practices for maintaining a hygienic environment. Investing in their professional development ensures a high standard of service and care.

7. Outreach Programs: Our commitment extends beyond the campus to marginalized communities. Activities such as visiting old age homes, supporting orphanages, and disaster assistance underline our dedication to social welfare and educate the next generation, contributing to a compassionate society.

8. Memorable Campus Exploration: Our Hospitality and Campus Experience team creates exceptional and personalized visits for all guests. With a wellness-centred approach, we offer hospitality services and guided campus tours, leaving a positive and lasting impression on everyone who explores our vibrant campus community.

In summary, the Department of Health and Wellness fosters holistic well-being, supporting physical, mental, and emotional health, and promoting healthy choices and personal growth within the college community.


Counsellors Mobile
Fr. Robin Vattathara – HOD, Counselling Psychologist 9446194909
Shri. Georgekutty Augusthy – Facilitator 9447258445
Sr. Dr. Shincy, CSC – Psychiatrist 9400812603
Ms Mary Seema Thomas – Counsellor 8547165178
Mr. Jojo George – Assistant Professor, Physical Education 9447507917
Mr. Abheesh P Domnic – Fitness Trainer 9605272117