Lab & Facilities

No. # Lab Name Room No. Faculty in charge Instructor in charge
1 Advanced Systems Lab DA 308 Jayakrishna V Binesh Babu
1.Desktop PC(70 Nos); 2. Split AC-1.5 Ton(4 Nos); 3. LCD Projector(1 No); 4. Switch 8-Port(1 Nos); 5. Switch 24-Port(3 Nos); 6. UPS-5KVA(1 Nos); 7. Windows 10 Operating System(70 Nos); 8. Ubuntu 18.04 Operating System(70 Nos); 9. Python(70 Nos); 10. Wamp(70 Nos); 11. Xamp(70 Nos); 12. C-Compiler(70 Nos); 13. Android Studio(70 Nos); 14. Java(70 Nos); 15. NS2(70 Nos); 16. NS3(70 Nos); 17. Texmaker(70 Nos); 18. Oracle(70 Nos); 19. Anaconda(70 Nos)
2 Network and Hardware Lab DA 208 Niya Joseph Arun M R
1.Assembled PC(66 Nos); 2.EPSON EB-X05 Projector(1 No); 3.Ceiling Mount(1 No); 4.Videocon Split AC 1. 5 Ton with Stabilizer(3 Nos); 6.Videocon Split AC 2 Ton with Stabilizer(1 No); 7.UPS 6 KVA(2 Nos); 8.Exide 6EL 40 Ah Battery(32 Nos); 9.Battery Stand(2 Nos); 10.Wallmount Rack 22 U,500 MM Depth(1 No); 11.HP Pro Curve Switch 1810-24G(3 Nos); 12.HP Pro Curve Switch 2810-24G(1 No);   13.Windows 10 Operating System(66 Nos); 14.Ubuntu 18.04 Operating System(66 Nos); 15.Python(66 Nos); 16.Wamp(66 Nos); 17.Xamp(66 Nos); 18.C-Compiler(66 Nos); 19.Android Studio(66 Nos); 20.Java(66 Nos); 21.NS2(66 Nos);  22.NS3(66 Nos); 23.Texmaker(66 Nos); 24.Oracle(66 Nos)
3 Programming Lab DA 209 Elisabeth Thomas Nishad C V
1."HCL Laptop (66 );2.iMac systems(3); 3.D-link DAP-2590 WIFI access point(2);4.Network Switch 2810-24G(1);5. Wallmount Rack 22 U,500 MM Depth(1 No); 6.Split a/c 1.5 Ton with Stabilizer (4 );7.White Board(1);8.APC UPS 5000UX (2 Nos);9.100 AH Tubular batteries(4 Nos);10.Windows 10 Operating System(66 Nos); 11.Ubuntu 18 .04 Operating System(66 Nos); 12.Python(66 Nos); 13.Wamp(66 Nos);14.Xamp(66 Nos); 15.C-Compiler(66 Nos); 16.Java(66 Nos);17.NS2(66 Nos);  18.NS3(66 Nos); 19 .Texmaker(66 Nos); 20.Oracle(66 Nos)
4 Project Lab DA307 Syam Gopi Arun M R
1.Desktop PC(36 Nos); 2. wifi card(15 Nos); 3. DSO-50Mhz Dual Channel(2 Nos); 4. 8086 Microprocessor Trainer kit GSAS-86E(8 Nos);5. Stepper Motor with Interfaceing module(2 Nos); 6. ADC Interface Module(2 Nos); 7. DAC Interface Module(2 Nos);8. 8279 Study Card(2 Nos); 9. 8255 Study Card(2 Nos); 10. 8253 Study Card(1 No); 11. Think Server TS 150 LENOVO(1No);12. 18.5 LED MONITOR(2 Nos); 13. Raspberry Pi2(4 Nos); 14. Raspberry Pi3(3 Nos); 15. Intel Galilieo Board2(7 Nos);16. Arduino UNO(3 Nos); 17. 24 port Switch(4 Nos); 18. Wall mount rack(1 Nos); 19. Battery Stand(2 Nos); 20. 10KVA Online UPS(1 No);21. 42 AH SMF batteries(16 Nos); 22. 100 AH SMF batteries(4 Nos); 23. Battery Rack(1 Nos); 24. Windows 10 Operating System(36 Nos);25. Ubuntu(36 Nos); 26. Python(36 Nos); 27. Wamp(36 Nos); 28. Xamp(36Nos); 29. C-Compiler(36Nos); 30. Android Studio(36Nos); 31. Java(36Nos); 32. NS2(36Nos); 33. NS3(36Nos); 34. Texmaker(36Nos); 35. Oracle(36Nos); 36. Anaconda(36Nos)
5 E-yantra Lab RS 708 Santhosh Kumar G S
1.Keysight EDUX1002G InfiniiVision 1000 X-series Oscilloscope(1 No); 2.MULTI OUTPUT DC REGULATED POWER SUPPLY(2 Nos);3.SOLDRON 938 Temperature Controlled Digital Soldering Station(2 Nos); 4.Alkon ASU Shelving Unit(2 Nos);5.Computer:(5 Nos); 6.TP-Link Archer C50 Wireless Router(1 No); 7.TP-Link Wireless N Nano USB Adapter(5 Nos);8.HP OfficeConnect 1420 5G Switch JH327A(1 No); 9.Granite top, Metal frame work table 9' x 3' x 3.5'(2 Nos);10.Bar Stool type chair for computer(8 Nos); 11.Storage Unit -drawer trolley with key(3 Nos); 12.FireBird V 2560 Robot(5 Nos);13.Spark V Robot(5 Nos); 14.FireBird V P89V51RD2 adapter card(3 Nos); 15.FireBird V P89V51RD2 adapter card(5 Nos);16.Zigbee modules 100 m range(10 Nos); 17.Zigbee modules adapter cable(5 No); 18.Metal gear servo motors(10 Nos);19.Servo motor based Gripper Kit(2 Nos); 20.Sharp GP2Y0A21YKOF infrared range sensor(10 Nos); 21.LoRaWAN Gateway kit(1 No);22.LoRaWAN edge node kit(1 No); 23.LoRaWAN Aplication suit(1 No); 24.ULPLoRa 2.1 development board with antenna(2 Nos);25.Windows 10 Operating System(5 Nos); 26.Ubuntu 18.04 Operating System(2 Nos); 27.Python(5 Nos); 28.Android Studio(5 Nos);29.Java(5 Nos); 30.NS2(5 Nos); 31.V rep(4Nos); 32.Visual studio(1 No); 33.Atmel studio(5 Nos); 34.Audrino(5 Nos);
6 Research Lab RS310 Santhoshkumar G S Manoj Joseph
1.Desktop PC(66 Nos);  2. Split AC-2 Ton(3 Nos); 3. Switch 24-Port(3 Nos); 4. APC UPS-6KVA(2 Nos); 5.Quantra SMF 12 volt battery(32 Nos);6.Windows 10 Operating System(66 Nos); 7.Ubuntu 18.04 Operating System(66 Nos); 8. Python(66 Nos); 9. Wamp(66 Nos); 10. Xamp(66 Nos); 11. C-Compiler(66 Nos); 12. Android Studio(66 Nos); 13. Java(66 Nos); 14. NS2(66 Nos); 15. NS3(66 Nos);16. Textmaker(66 Nos); 17.Apache Hadoop(10 Nos); 18.Open stack(10 Nos)
7 Knowledge Lab KC 411 Tintu Alphonsa Thomas Binesh Babu
1. Desktop PC(24);2.DVD Writer (1);3.Windows 10(24);4.ubuntu 18.04(24);5.Apache Hadoop-3(24);6.NS-2(24);7.NS-3(24);8.Latex(24)